Sitemap - 2021 - Thunder Pie

The Year in Review

For Arle at Christmas

Sickles in the Hotel Bar

Galaxy at the Foot of the Bed

Traveling Far with the Body of a Soldier

Waiting at the Top of the Steps

The Thanksgiving Kid

Cold Husky

German Holiday Vomit Kiss

The Halloween Kid

Root Canal / Pumpkin Patch

Bloody Autumn

A Band Called Blue Mountain

Reading Dracula Out Loud to the Melatonin Kid

Mike Schmidt Old Spice Full Moon Dad

A Holster Full of Endings

Arle Loved an Image

The Walkin' Talkin' Bucktooth Vampire in Ocean Pacific Keep Callin' You on the Phone Blues

Buried My Face in the Neck of These Fools

The Heavyweight Champion of the Fucking World

The Smokestack Climber with a Rose in Her Teeth

Two Summer Kids Float Above the Fields

Chicken Smoke

The Sea & The Ocean / The Ocean & The Sea

Leave Now and You'll Make It

Running Backwards Through the Market/ Hit Pause City

The Walkin' Talkin' Wheatfield Cicada Blues

Father's Day

Gettin' Ready for the Day Tomorrow

Last Day of School, Fool

Running Backwards Through the Market/ Broken Strings Holding Up the Sky

The Backlit Clouds and the Vultures on Their Thermals In Their Holding Patterns

A Heartfelt Beating

Making Stir Fry

Running Backwards Through the Market/ Mountain Dew Fat Rolls American Poem Smoke

Aluminum Tats on the Hard Hot Street

A Baseball Where the Moon Once Was

The Ballad of Rattlesnake Pear-Head

Running Backwards Through the Market/ Kids in Conshy

Things I Dig Right Now

Walter Matthau National Battlefield

The Life & Times of a Redheaded Mountain Witch

Them High Lonesome Wolf Pup Blues

Running Backwards Through the Market

Eagle Eagle Every Once in a While


Reinvention/Here we go.