Sitemap - 2022 - Thunder Pie

A Thunder Pie Christmas Special

Once Upon a Time in the Creek Behind the Dirty Book Store

The Young Stoners

The Man Who Died Getting All the Lyrics from 'We Didn’t Start the Fire' Tattooed On His Back

The Stars in the Sky are Dinosaur Bones, The Thump on the Stairs is Your Ass

Slightly Blue Comets Up for Anything


Endless Evening Appomattox Blues

Red Dope Make You Fall in Love with Peasants

The Walkin' Talkin' Two Tavern Hams in a Past Life Country Blues

The Dash-Fire Days of Private Deviney (Part II)

The Dash-Fire Days of Private Deviney (Part I)

Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Druggie at the Edge of the Woods

Everything Gonna Be Alright

Two Wood Boxes Lyin' Side By Side

How I Died the First Time

At the End, You’re Just Going to Feel the Good Breeze of It

The Kid Can Float

The Walkin' Talkin' American Mongoose Blues

We Don't Even Try

The Ballad of the Nightmare Kid

The Lonesome Death of William McClure

The Summer Bat & The Lightning Bug

I Drew You a Map of Forever on the Kitchen Floor This Morning (Part One)

Dust Cloud Risin' from a Mile Away

A Tapping at the Door of the Keeper of the Stars

Coal Cars Head West


the life.

The Wind is All the Dead People

Meet Me in the Pinecone Scars

Strange Cities Bathed in Fog (Part 1)

Grease is the Time, is the Place, is the Motion, Grease is the Way We are Feeling

Ghost Child in a Country Field Never Saw It Coming

Fawn Bone Blues

Pepsi Breath

Parenting is So Damn Hard (Part 1)

Cigar Box Civil War

Haunted & Fed By The Meatball Kid

Just Pretend You're in a Movie

Where the Town Ends and the Sky Begins

Mountain Gorillas Standing in the Sun

Upside Down Songbirds

The Importance of Loving Springsteen

Warriors of The Evening Heart

sliding up and down the lonesome whistle of a train like a young punk humping a street sign.

Kid Laughter Winter Trout Shadow


Thunder Road

6 Little Santas